Freeze away wart Remover hurt


I got my first wart about a year ago. I had never in my life had one, and I found it to be disgusting, nasty and gross. The damn thing grew slowly, right at the bend of my inner pointer finger. I felt that if I didn't get rid of it, it would soon overtake my finger - or worse, spread! I did not want to use those freezing bottle thingies I had seen in commercials. Although the advertising claimed it was painless, it looked awful.

During a trip to my local drugstore, I picked up a box of Dr. Scholl's Clear Away One Step Maximum Strength Wart Remover Strips. It claimed that it would painlessly remove my wart. It claimed that it was odorless, and the strip would not make things obvious.

Supposedly people would mistake the wart strip for a band aid; after looking at it's design though it was pretty obvious that it was no real band aid, and if people were to really check it out, it would be pretty obvious as to what it is.

The strips have normal band aid adhesives, however in the middle it is round shaped, with a medicated pad underneath it. I didn't care if people knew what it was for though, so I went ahead and bought the box, which contained 14 removal strips for almost $9.00. I know that is a bit expensive, but I was willing to pay anything to get rid of the nasty bugger.

Once I got home, I washed my hands, and made sure I washed the nasty painful wart. I then peeled the protective plastic from the strips adhesive. I made sure I placed the medicated pad smack down on the wart.

By day 2 I could feel the strip taking action. I don't care what the package says, it was irritated, and bending my finger caused slight pain.

I peeled of the Dr. Scholl's Clear Away One Step Maximum Strength Wart Remover Strip, and noticed that my wart looked water logged. The strip was clearly doing it's job...but it was a slightly painful process. I applied another strip to the wart, and by the next morning the irritation had grown. I removed the strip, and within a few hours the wart was fully dried out...only it was like a hunk of dead skin that I was able to peel off.

Let me tell you, it hurt like hell, and what I was left with was a new layer of skin, only it was extremely fleshy, red, and painful. It was as if the strip had chewed away 5 layers of skin, and if it went any further it would of caused bleeding.

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