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FIST THING IN THE MORNING: Take (2) L-lysine pills 1, 000 mg each

Keep the warts under castor oil all throughout the day. (cotton ball, gauze pads something)

Before bed take (2) more L-lysine pills 1, 000mg each

within a day the warts were flat and significantly smaller instead or protruding outward from the skin, keep it up till the warts are gone it should take less than a week. but keep taking the pills in that dosage i'd say for about 2weeks but to be sure. Im starting to feel like i have my life back.....let me know how this works for you. anthing less that 4, 000mg a day does NOT work for ME.

This worked for my Genital Warts.

Do this right before bed.

1) Press one GARLIC CLOVE, and mix into a little bit of LEMON JUICE.

2) wash the area and pat dry

3) Using a Q-Tip rub some of the garlic, lemon juice mix onto wart(s), be sure to have pieces of garlic sitting on them.

4) Leave on for 30 Minutes (there may be a slight burning sensation but it really wasn't very much)

Submitted at 2013-09-04 23:18:55

Like many of you I was given the gift that keeps on giving...Genital Warts!!!... by one of the girls I was hooking up with at the time a few years ago. To say the least that was the worst day of my entire life! I felt so alone because its not something you want to talk about with anyone. I literally tried every method possible to remove my genital warts. I even went as far as trying to cut them off with scissors(do not use hurts like crazy!) So I found some ways to get rid of my genital warts for good! First off you must boost your immune system to help fight off genital warts naturally. Your body is a strong weapon if you provide enough nutrients to boost your immune system. Step number two. I used Skinhale wart remover to quickly remove my visible genital warts whenever they appear...Its safe and made specifically for genital warts treatment.

It sucks having genital warts but If you use the method above then in no time you will surely be genital wart free. Stay positive. good luck!

Submitted by TrueStory at 2013-09-03 01:06:39 Submitted at 2013-09-02 12:14:42

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