Laser Wart Removal Effective

GenesisPlus Laser Therapy for Toenail Fungus and Wart Removal

The wait for effective wart treatment is over!

Wart removal with the laser is a breeze. Laser treatment does not cause the discomfort often associated with freezing, cutting and acid removal of warts. Pulsed dye laser treatment cuts off the blood supply to a wart and causes it to dry up and fall off. Laser treatment is safe for adults and children.

Laser treatment can be used on warts anywhere on the body, including venereal warts.

Why is laser a good treatment available for the removal of warts?

Other methods of treatment (freezing, burning, acid) can be very painful and ineffective. Laser treatment with the Pulsed Dye laser eliminates the blood supply to the wart without creating a wound. The wart just dries up!

Can warts be treated anywhere on the body? What about venereal warts?

Yes, the laser treats warts in all locations on the body. This form of treatment is highly effective for venereal warts caused by HPV. Our office deals sensitively with this condition on a regular basis.

Is laser treatment painful?

Most laser treatment is fairly comfortable. Dr. VanAntwerp numbs sensitive areas with lidocaine if necessary.

Will the warts come back?

Most warts are permanently removed after one treatment. Approximately 20% of warts will need a second treatment, and 10% will need a third treatment.

Can children have laser treatment for wart removal?

Absolutely. Laser is the most effective treatment available for children also.

Will I miss time from work?

No. Usually a bandage is not even necessary. Full activity can be resumed immediately.

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