Plantar warts Remover Directions

Should I put a waterproof bandage over plantar wart when using

Plantar wart is a common type that grows primarily on the side or bottom of your foot. Its external appearance would resemble a hardy little cauliflower with little black dots clustered in the middle. Plantar warts are very contagious and will easily spread in warm and moist surfaces. It is a common skin infection caused by a viral infection called the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), and is highly contagious; the slightest contact is enough for it to spread. It can be spread in gym communal showers, around public swimming pools, and by sharing shoes, socks and clothing. So it is good for you that plantar wart removal is easy. Below are some of the many effective types of medications for plantar wart removal. For starters, the best plantar wart removal treatment is over the counter medication. There are several over-the-counter options available to you. The most common types are the salicylic acid or silver nitrate-based medications. These plantar wart removal medications are readily available at your local pharmacy. They come in two applications (adhesive tape and diluted solutions) and include instructions for their use and application.

Using salicylic acid-treated adhesive pad is easy. Simply cut a short length of the adhesive tape and cover over your plantar warts. This plantar wart removal treatment should be done regularly for a certain period of time. When changing the adhesive tape, wash the affected area, and dab it dray before putting on a fresh length of tape. This ensures that your plantar wart does not have a moist environment to spread on. A diluted solution of salicylic acid is another option you could use. Both this solution and silver-nitrate medication may have specific instructions based on the size and severity of the wart growth. Do not hesitate to ask for advice from your local pharmacist, or family doctor, to use these plantar wart removal medications in their fullest effect. Applying these medications requires a strict regimen over a period that could take anywhere from two to three weeks, to even six months. So be diligent and patient in treating your wart.

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