Genital warts Treatment over the counter

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Got genital warts and looking for the best treatment for the warts? Well, the good news is if you are suffering, then there is a wide range of potential treatments. If you want to go the medical route, then you can get surgical treatment for your genital warts.

You can also get a topical treatment for your genital warts. You can find these types of treatments both over the counter and prescription strength.

Finally, there are natural remedies for removing genital warts. These remedies are proven to work and the best part is they are natural and don't require the painful medical treatments that most men and women will follow.

If you have discovered that you have genital warts and are too embarassed to go to a doctor, then the good news is there are natural wart removal treatments that you can administer from the privacy of your home.

The reality is that there are several herbal extracts and plant oils that are proven to work when applied properly as a treatment for genital warts. The list includes many natural remedies such as Tea Tree Oil, Castor Oil, Aloe Vera juice and finally apple cider vinegar. There is research that can verigfy that these remedies actually work and testimonials from regular people who will attest to it.

There are also natural medicines that are specifically designed to treat genital warts and vaginal warts in both men and women. They are made from plant oils and other natural extracts that are very well known to have medicinal healing power.

Wartrol is one of these natural medicines. The biggest advantage that Wartrol has over most of the other genital wart natural remedies is that rather than an application, Wartrol is homeopathic and is taken orally which means that it will respond to both external genital warts but also internal genital warts that are inside the vaginal canal, the cervix and the anus.

There are a lot of websites that would love to have you believe that there is an outright cure for warts of any kind, genital or otherwise. The truth is that once you have warts, you will always have them....what these companies are banking on is the fact that most warts will disappear on their own usually within a couple weeks.

Just because you have the virus, doesn't mean that you will have a reccuring problem with warts though. There are several factors that will influence a wart outbreak. The biggest factor is how well your immune system is able to other words, if you immune system starts to get bogged down, then you risk a wart outbreak.

The best cure for warts is to keep your immune and digestive system in the best shape you can. This can be achieved through a sensible diet plan consisting of organic food AND an occasionally master cleanse via a juice fasting diet plan (short) every 1-2 months.

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