Cost of warts Removal surgery

I Dream of Jeannie: Wart removal on lower eyelid

Wart Removal Consultation

Doctor consultations are £50 but this fee is redeemable against cost of treatment if it is carried out on the same day. At Cosmedics Clinics, ALL treatments can be carried out on the same day as the consultation, which is very popular with our patients.

Wart Removal Prices

Wart removal Cost Cryotherapy freezing 1-3 warts £160 4-6 warts £250 Laser Surgery Large/stubborn warts from £250 Genital Anal/genital warts from £250

All prices are subject to doctor examining the skin lesions and are only a guide and a full quote can only be given at the consultation.

Professional wart and skin tag removal is extremely effective. There are 3 options used by Cosmedics, depending on the problem.

1. Cryotherapy / Freezing

For small warts and skin tags, freezing is the simplest and best method of removal. This usually involves applying some liquid nitrogen spray onto the lesion which then blisters for a few days before scabbing and falling off. With resistant warts sometimes a daily regime of paring down (with emery board), then applying Occulsal cream to burn off the wart and then wrapping in tape is also required.

2. Surgery (minor)

Minor surgery is also a common option for skin tags. They can sometimes be numerous in number and in delicate areas that freezing skin tags may not be ideal for. The procedure is normally done with some anaesthetic so no pain is felt and is very simple and quick to do by simply snipping them off and cauterizing the base to stop recurrence.

3. Laser wart removal and wart removal surgery

This option is used for resistant warts that have failed to respond to all other methods and used specifically for thick larger warts. It involves an injection to numb the warty area and then the whole wart is literally burned off leaving a wound that will take 1-2 weeks to heal.

Patient Review

“I saw my GP who was frankly useless and thank goodness I had a friend recommend Cosmedics. The procedure which was not exactly fun did what the doctor said and the 1 week later there is no sign of the wart that would just not go”.

Lisa. J London

Why do we get warts?

Warts are commonly transmitted from person to person as they are a Human papilloma virus and easily spread via contact. Often you will pick up the virus and not know it and then the wart will appear at a later stage. It is very common.

Why me?

Mostly just bad luck and the key is to treat them early before they get ‘roots’ and become very ingrown. In the genital area warts are often sexually transmitted.

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