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20 minute mole wart removal An amazing natural herbal cream treatment to remove moles, remove warts, remove skin tags or remove other benign skin growths at home. Mole & Wart EZ Clear is a growth removal treatment that is guaranteed to work. A herbal cream that is simple to use and very effective.

The Mole & Wart EZ Clear paste has an anti-viral action. Because the treatment makes the wart or mole vanish, including the root, there is no chance of regrowth. This herbal remedy to remove moles, warts & skin tags is minimally invasive and so there is little chance of scarring.

DeMole and deWart yourself of healthy growths, at home, with one 20 minute treatment. No more weeks and weeks of failed attempts trying to achieve mole removal or wart removal using salicidic acid. No more daily applications that make your skin sore.

How Can I Avoid Causing A Scar On My Skin?

Follow the instructions provided carefully, don't rush. Only apply the mole and wart removal cream to the actual growth; avoid the surrounding good skin. We advise our clients to only use the growth remover paste on raised moles, skin tags or growths. Treating flat moles is more difficult because it is easier to accidently apply the paste to healthy skin.

Don't apply too much paste. When you use Mole & Wart EZ Clear you will realise how well it works; you only need to ensure that the growth is covered with a small coating of the paste. A little goes a long way!

Keep the area clean. This is so important. If you do not keep the area clean and you allow bacteria to exist, it can result in scarring. Don't worry though, basic hygeine is all that is required.

Do not pick at the scab that forms. We all know that picking any scab can cause scarring. Be patient and allow the scab to fall of naturally; this might take a few more days than you would like, but nevertheless, you must be patient!

Use a skin healing product twice a day.

When the scab has fallen off the new skin will be pink. This is completely normal, it is new skin afterall! Use sun protection cream on the new skin, (you should protect all of your skin from the sun), using UV protection on the new skin will stop the area going white.

These are our top tips for avoiding scarring.

How Does Mole & Wart EZ Clear Herbal Paste Work?

Mole & Wart EZ Clear is a paste which can be applied to your mole, wart, skin tag or other skin growth, at home, by you. All you have to do is prepare the growth, (very simple procedure, instructions are given with product), then apply the paste. The mole paste is left on for 20 minutes. This is a great way to remove moles, warts, skin tags or other growths without having surgery. The natural herbal ingredients in Mole & Wart EZ Clear work together to cauterize the growth. After 20 minutes the paste is gently wiped away and the area is then left to dry. A scab will form and with a few days, it varies from one person to the next as to how long it will take for the scab to completely dry, it can be between 7 & 21 days, but when it does, it will fall off. Remember, don't pick! Mole and wart ez clear can be used to get rid of genital warts. We hear from our customers that mole and wart ez clear is the best way to remove genital warts. Prepare the growth, apply the paste for 20 minutes and watch your warts moles vanish.

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