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How to remove moles, skin tags and warts with apple cider vinegar

For those of you who are fitness competitors, having flawless skin is very important, but for some of us, we were born with flawed skin.Sometimes people can have growths on their skin and may seek methods for them to be surgically removed, but I just found out a cheap way that you can remove :

Skin Tags
Birth Marks
& Age Spots

Just using 1 simple household Item.

Apple Cider Vineger!

For some reason, the acidity in this chemical causes skin blemishes of this sort to fade away in just around 2 weeks.

As a matter of fact, I used to have around 60 moles over my body, making me very insecure about ever wanting to be a fitness model.

After doing research about how to remove them, I found this cheap and effective way, that leaves no scar tissue as well!

Basically all you have to do is find a good ACV. I get a brand from a por vitamin store. It must be USDA ORGANIC, be UNFILTERED, and contain "MOTHER"

Basically all I've been doing is using a safety pin to scratch the surface of my blemishes, not enough to bleed, just enough to break a bit of skin (dont worry it will heal)

soak a piece of cotton ball in the ACV, and then apply with a bandaid, and allow to soak for a few hours each day. It should sting a little on contact, that lets you know you scratched the surface enough.

After a week you will notice that your blemishes will be shrinking, becoming flat, and fading in color.

If they are raised, they will turn black, scab up, and fall off.

So far I have been doing this for around 1 week, and I have already cured 10 moles, that were small, and the others are shrinking rapidly. I honestly can't believe this is working!

This truly is a miracle chemical and I'd recommend it for this 100%

Also be sure to check more info about apple cider vinegar benefits, because it has literally 100s, from curing acne, body odor, weight loss, and lower high blood pressure just to name a few.

I hope this helps you guys out, it certainly did for me, and now I removed the skin problem I thought I would never get rid of for only a few dollars!

You just can't lose with this one guys and girls~!

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