Warts Removal Product Reviews

GoodGuide counts the number of ingredients in each product that are categorized as low,medium or high health concern. We then factor in other negative information (such as regulatory restrictions) and any available positive information (such as third-party certifications) to assign product scores.


Torate a personal care or household chemical product on Health,GoodGuide utilizes the following attributes:

  • A health hazard score based on the number of product ingredients that are categorized aslow,medium or high health concern.
  • Indicators that the product exhibits other negative aspects (e.g.,does the product contain ingredients that have been banned or subjected to regulatory restrictions).
  • Indicators that the product is among the best on the market in its category (e.g.,has the product been certified as safe or healthy by a credible third-party).
  • Indicators of data gaps that preclude evaluation of the product (e.g.,no or inadequate disclosure of product ingredients).

Product-level data on environmental performance are generallyunavailable for personal care and household chemical products,so GoodGuiderelies oncompany-level environmental scores to characterizethe performance of aproduct on this dimension.

Product-level data on social performance aregenerally unavailable for personal care and household chemical products,so GoodGuiderelieson company-level socialscores to characterizethe performance of aproduct on this dimension.

Categorizing Ingredients by Levels ofHealth Concern

Defining Levels of Health Concern

To identify ingredients ofhealth concern,we employ the science of health hazardassessment and rely on lists of chemicals that have been labeled hazardous by various authoritative organizations. GoodGuidetracks whetherchemicals are recognized or suspected of causing any oftwelve majortypes of human health problems,ranging from cancer toendocrinetoxicity to skin or eye toxicity. We combine this hazard datawithinformation on how potent a chemical is,whether it is frequently detected in humans,and whether it has been adequately studied in toxicity tests in order to assign ingredients to four levels of health concern: none,low,medium and high.

An ingredient raises no healthconcern if

  • It is not on any of GoodGuide’slists of toxic chemicals which cause suspected or recognized healtheffects;
  • It has not been detected in humantissue or urine;
  • It is not a high productionvolume chemical that lacks safety data.

An ingredientraises a low level of health concern if

  • It exhibits two or fewersuspected health effects; and/or
  • It has a relatively low toxicpotency for inhalation and ingestion exposures,and/or
  • It is only occasionally detectedin human tissue or urine; and/or
  • It lacks at least half of the sixbasic toxicity tests required to assess chemical safety.

Aningredient raises a medium level of health concern if

  • It exhibits three or moresuspected health effects; and/or
  • It has a relatively moderatetoxic potency for inhalation and ingestion exposures; and/or
  • It is regularly detected in humantissue or urine.

2006-06-22 16:26:29 by -

I have a wart on my face and am CONSIDERING

Using one of the over the counter, freeze off, things to get it off. I can't go see a doc as I don't have insurance. I'm concerned b/c all the wart removers say "not for use on the face" but can I really not use it on my face? Has anyone ever tried this successfully? It's just a little wart but it's all I can look at when I look in the mirror and I want it gone

2004-02-24 11:15:07 by Splendid

Don't mess around with warts

If you have insurance, see a dermatologist. if the wart is somewhere other than on the face or another "tender" area, they will probably use a nitrogen sprayer to freeze a pinpoint area in the center of the wart. over the next couple weeks it will die away and leave no trace.
if the wart is somewhere on the face they use an electric needle to do the same thing. either way it generally takes one treatment, plus a follow-up to make sure its gone to get rid of a wart.
those over-the-counter chemical wart removers are nasty, and usually not so effective. the dermatologist that i was treated by explained to me that the wart is twice as deep under the skin as it is wide on the surface

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