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Wart removers

Wart removal products can help you get rid of painful and unsightly warts. Try a product to remove warts before spending the time and money on getting them professionally removed. These types of products are designed to freeze the wart off or suffocate until it falls off. has products that remove warts from brands like Dr. Scholl's and Compound W.

Freezing and liquid removal techniques

There are at-home freezing wart removal systems that are designed to remove warts with a similar technology as that of your doctor's office. There are also types of products are typically more effective than freezing alone because they contain a liquid wart removal product in the process. If your wart is not particularly large and you wish to avoid the freezing option to remove warts, consider using a liquid wart treatment. These types of products have salicylic acid as a main ingredient to remove the wart after you have thoroughly cleaned and dried the area. It works by dissolving the wart and must be applied up to two times each day until the wart is removed.

Wart removal strips

For a quick and easy way to remove warts, consider purchasing wart removal strips. After you have cleaned and dried the area, simply apply a bandage over the wart to begin the removal process. These strips work by protecting the wart from dirt and bacteria while hiding it until it comes off. The medicated wart bandage treats the wart over time, and you must change it every couple of days until the wart is completely gone.

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2003-02-10 11:23:38 by Deb_ISIS

Anal Warts - Why remove?

Dear Unsure Warts,
You have a very good point there about the removal of warts, because if they are warts and you do remove them, the virus is still in your body.
The main reason for removal of the warts is the spread of the virus to other sex partners. If they are not bothering you and you're willing to have protected anal sex (if you're a bottom) with your partner(s), they you really can wait this one out. There have not been any proven long-term effects of having genital warts for men.
For more information on removal, if you so choose, go to:

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