Plantar warts Removal Video

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Dr. Matthew Neuhaus, a podiatrist in the Nashville, TN area removes a wart in his office, Neuhaus Foot And Ankle. We have two offices in Middle Tennessee currently: Smyrna and Brentwood, TN. For more information about the procedure or other treatment options, visit our website.

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Dermatology: Plantar Warts (Skin Diseases)
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2002-06-24 14:59:34 by Warty

Plantar Wart Help

There are no over-the-counter cures for plantars warts as far as I know. I had one on the bottom of my foot and I spent a year trying to get rid of it. I saw three different doctors and the lazer removal was the only solution. They tried acids, but they never worked. I also had one surgically removed with a knife and it was very painful and then another one popped up in a different location a month later. good luck.

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