Plantar Wart Removal Best products

By Kathie Scheidler

Because you have to walk or stand on your feet many times a day, having a plantar wart can be very painful. This type of wart often develops on one of the foot pressure points, so it is extremely important you treat them as quickly as possible. Here are the three best products to get rid of plantar warts at home.

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The Pedifix Wart Stick Plantar Wart Remover, $8.99,, is very quick and convenient to use. It is a solid-stick wart remover that goes on dry and odorless. The formula contains 40 percent salicylic acid, which is the number one doctor-recommended ingredient to remove a wart. To use, you simply need to apply the product directly onto the wart, then cover the wart with an adhesive bandage. The wart should shrink away within a few days. Users report that this formula is very effective, even for removing a wart that has existed for years.

Compound W Freeze Off Plantar Wart Removal System, $15.84,, uses the same method doctors use. The system works to remove the wart in a single treatment that takes around 10 to 14 days. The kit includes 12 comfort pads, eight foam applicators, a pumice file, and a reusable applicator holder. To use, you should soak the affected foot in water for five minutes. Next, you rub the wart with the pumice file. You then can apply the formula to the wart. Last, you should put a comfort pad over the wart. People like this product because they usually can see major results even for large plantar warts.

Dr. Scholl's Clear Away Plantar Wart Remover for Feet, $11.49, is a clinically proven, maximum-strength formula. The package contains 24 medicated discs and 24 cushioning pads. To use, you first should wash the area containing the wart. For best results, soak the wart in warm water for five minutes. After the area is completely dry, you can apply a medicated disc directly onto the wart. Next, place a cushioning pad over the medicated disc. You can repeat this procedure every 48 hours until the wart is gone. Users like this product because the cushioning pads help eliminate pain from the wart while it is being removed.

Dermatend: The Original Mole, Wart and Skin Tag Remover, $39.95, uses ingredients that are natural and organic: Sanguinaria canadensis, vegetable glycerine, and zinc salts. These ingredients work with your body to remove the growths and hinder their ability to return.

2003-05-07 08:56:05 by cucuron

Plantar Warts

Ok does anyone have a sure fire way to get rid of Plantar warts? I've tried everything including going to a Podiatrist, and he recommended just using the wart remover liquid. But this thing just won't budge, now it's started to spread to other parts of my foot. I despair, any help would be appreciated.

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