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Buying Group Coupon Savings Card for Dr Scholl Wart

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Buying Group Coupon Savings Card for Dr Scholl Wart

  • Name: ________________________________
  • RxMBR: 10 Digit Phone Number
  • RxBin: 610709
  • RxPCN: 7777

Directions: Print up this page and cut out the coupon. Present the coupon to the pharmacist along with your signed prescription BEFORE your prescription is filled. The pharmacist will put the coupon codes into his computer and tell you if you have a discount coming and how much you are saving compared to the normal retail price.

Important Information; Please Read: This is a Membership Card & Reuseable Coupon. It is like a discount prescription card, only better; it is 100% free. There are no membership fees, no registration forms, no paperwork, nothing to buy associated with this program. It never expires! It is already activated. You can photocopy it as many times as you want and give it to your friends. Carrying this coupon means that you are part of our medicine group. It's similar to when you present your AAA card to a motel to get a discount.

Most of the big chains will grant you a discount ranging from 10% to 75% on most drugs but NOT ALL DRUGS when you use this coupon as long as you are a cash paying customer.

Also, most privately owned drugstores accept this coupon. Each drugstore decides what products they will discount and how much they will discount it. If you want to maximize your savings with this reusable coupon, the first few times you use it, take it to 2 or 3 drugstores and get a price quote on your various medicines. This way you can get a feel for which drugstores offer the biggest discounts to our group on particular medicines. You might wind up using the coupon for drug "A" at one store and drug "B" at a different store.

2003-02-10 11:23:38 by Deb_ISIS

Anal Warts - Why remove?

Dear Unsure Warts,
You have a very good point there about the removal of warts, because if they are warts and you do remove them, the virus is still in your body.
The main reason for removal of the warts is the spread of the virus to other sex partners. If they are not bothering you and you're willing to have protected anal sex (if you're a bottom) with your partner(s), they you really can wait this one out. There have not been any proven long-term effects of having genital warts for men.
For more information on removal, if you so choose, go to:

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