Wart Remover to Treat acne

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Generic Name: salicylic acid topical (SAL i SIL ik AS id TOP ik al)
Brand Name: Acnevir, Compound W, DermalZone, Dermarest Psoriasis Skin Treatment, Dr Scholl's Callus Removers, Dr Scholl's Clear Away Wart Remover, Dr Scholl's Corn Removers, Duofilm, Freezone Corn Remover, Hydrisalic, Keralyt, Mediplast, Oxy Face Scrub, Propa P.H., Salac, Salex, Scalpicin Scalp Relief, Sebucare, Stri-Dex, Wart-Off Treatment, ...show all 140 brand namesSalicylic Acid Cleansing Bar, Panscol, Freezone, Occlusal-HP, Off-Eazy, Maximum Strength Wart Remover, Gordofilm, Salactic Film, Mosco Corn & Callus Remover, Mosco-Cain, Wart Remover, Sal-Plant Gel, Duoplant, Trans-Ver-Sal, Sal-Acid Plasters, DHS Salicylic Acid 3%, Fungi-Nail (obsolete), Ionil Shampoo, Wart Away, Stri-Dex Sensitive Skin, Stri-Dex Maximum Strength, Stri-Dex Clear Gel, Stri-Dex Face Wash, Stri-Dex Dual Textured, Stri-Dex Super Scrub, Neutrogena Acne Wash Oil Free, Neutrogena Healthy Scalp Dandruff Shampoo, Ionil Plus, X-Seb, Propa P.H. Maximum Strength, Propa P.H. Foaming Face Wash, Oxy Clean Medicated, Oxy Clean Maximum Strength, Oxy Nightwatch Maximum Strength, P & S, Propa P.H. Acne Mask, Propa P.H. Skin Cleanser Normal/Sensitive, Gets-It Corn and Callus Remover, Sebasorb, Dr Scholl's OneStep Callus Removers, Dr Scholl's OneStep Corn Removers, Adasept Acne, Neostrata Astringent Acne Treatment, Derma Controle: Nettoyant Moussant, Derma Controle: Normalisant, Derma Controle: Purifiante, Trans-Plantar, Freezeone One Step, Duofilm Transdermal, Acnisal, Bazuka Extra Strength, Verrugon Complete, Wartex, Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub, Clean & Clear Concealing Treatment, Clear Logix Deep Cleansing Acne Treatment, Clear Logix Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser, Clear Logix Sensitive Skin Astringent, Clearasil Acne Fighting, Clearasil Ice Wash, Clearasil Overnight Defense, Clinique Acne Solutions Quick Clearing, Clinique Acne Solutions Spot Treatment, Denorex Medicated, Clear Logix Acne Spot Treatment, Clear Logix Oil Fighting Daily Wash, Clear Logix Oily Skin Astringent, Clearasil 3-In-1 Cleanser, Clearasil Stayclear Deep Clean Astringent, Clearasil Stayclear Deep Clean Pad, Clinique Acne Solutions Body Treatment, Clinique Acne Solutions Concealing, Biore Blemish Undercover Agent, Phisoderm Acne Mask, Neutrogena Soothing Astringent, Herbal Essences Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Neutrogena T/Gel Conditioner, Denorex Medicated Balanced Strength, Clearasil Total Control Daily, Clearasil Total Control Deep Pore Cleanser, Duofilm Plantar Patches, Clearasil Blackhead Clearing Pads, T/Gel, Oxy Triple Action, Phisoderm Acne Therapy, Neutrogena Healthy Scalp Antidandruff, Neutrogena Clear Pore Treatment, Neutrogena Clear Pore Oil Absorbing, Clean & Clear Dual Action, Oxy Balance Deep Pore Cleansing, Gentle, Oxy Balance Deep Pore Cleansing, Maximum, Oxy Balance Daily Cleaning, Normal Skin, H2O Acne Spot Treatment, Neutrogena T/Sal, Phytum Antipelliculaire Shampooing Purifiant, Dermarest Psoriasis Overnight Treatment, KeralytGel, Dermarest Psoriasis Shampoo Plus Conditioner, Dermarest Psoriasis Medicated Moisturizer, Oxy Daily Cleansing, Oxy Face Scrub Chill Factor, Akurza, Salitop, Dr Scholl's Corn/Callus Remover, Dr Scholl's Corn Removers Small, Dr Scholl's Corn Removers Ultra-Thin, Dr Scholl's Corn Removers Extra Thick, Aliclen, Salex Cream, Thera-Sal, Salkera, Salvax, Keralyt Scalp, Durasal, Salacyn, Stridex Naturally Clear, Virasal, Psoriasin Therapeutic Shampoo & Body Wash, Psoriasin Medicated Wash, CeraVe SA Renewing

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Professional Treatment
for Plantar Warts
A Podiatrist can offer a variety of ways to treat your plantar warts. They might use conventional surgery to remove the wart, they might freeze the wart with liquid nitrogen, or they might employ pulse-dye laser surgery. They might even recommend the use of a wart removal product--similar to what you can do yourself.
Self-treatment for Plantar Warts
Dr. Scholl’s Clear Away Plantar Wart Remover System is one of the most common self-treatments for plantar warts. Clear Away Plantar Wart Remover for Feet uses Salicylic Acid 40% in a synthetic rubber-based disc as its active ingredient

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True Radiance TCA Peel 12% By True Radiance Will Exfoliate and Sluff Dead Skin. Removes Fine Lines, Crows Feet, Age Spots and Small Scar Reduction. Lactic Acid and Witch Hazel for Better Peel. PARABEN FREE .5 Oz/15ml
Beauty (True Radiance)
  • Chemical peel, Exfoliating, Sundamage, resurfacing
  • Pore Reduction, Crows feet removal,
  • Sun Spots, Age spots, Hyperpigmentation
  • Acne Reduction and pimple Remover.
  • TCA Chemical Peels, trichloroacetic acid

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